“Tiny Peer” - what it means & why we use it!

“Tiny Peer” - what it means & why we use it!

you may have noticed us frequently using the term “tiny peer” across our platforms! we thought it would help to dedicate a space on the blog to our thought process and intentions while using “tiny peer!”.

at goose we are rooted in the idea that the children in our lives are not only capable and intelligent, but citizens of the world.

we created the term “tiny peer” to signify our products and tools being relevant for any citizen in a child’s life, whether that is a teacher, friend or loved one. often times the market of children’s goods can be heavily centered from the perspective of the parent. in reality, there are thousands of family cultures and many of us support children that may not be our own. we believe helping our youngest citizens grow, as they grow, is everyone’s job. 

“tiny peer” emphasizes that there is no room for judgement, stereotypes or societies labels, this is a learning space for all while celebrating mutual respect, our milestones and growing as a community. we hope you will join us in embracing, respecting and supporting the tiniest peers in your life!


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