Designing from the child’s perspective is at the core of everything we create.

Goose Kids was created in 2021 as a line of development-centric children’s clothing, as well as a resource for parents, with milestone toolkits and other assets to help children grow. 


As a preschool teacher, Lucy noticed how children interacted with their clothing every day. Rather than continuing to view children’s clothing as adult clothing (but smaller), she thought clothes could be used as a development tool. Lucy envisioned clothes that encouraged independent dressing, honed fine motor skills and were practical for children to wear.


When Lucy met Allison, a partnership seemed inevitable. Allison is a parent and successful designer, whose career has been spent creating and designing from the user’s point-of–view. With Lucy’s early childhood development experience and Allison’s design expertise, they began to rethink the way children dress.

San Francisco

When deciding where to make Goose Kids clothing, there were many factors to consider - but as longtime residents of the city, San Francisco was our first choice. By keeping all production local, we are able to oversee the process and ensure the tools will function as designed. Although more expensive to produce here, it is important to us to invest in the city and eliminate the waste, emissions and other issues that arise with manufacturing and shipping garments overseas.

We are proud that every single Goose Kids piece is designed and sewn in San Francisco.