Hesitance around Halloween

Hesitance around Halloween

Hesitance around Halloween

For our tiniest of peers, it is common that Halloween can turn from spooky fun to all-of-the-sudden stressful. The costumes, behaviors and shift from reality can be difficult for our tiny peers to process all in one night. 

Here are a few tips if you know a tiny peer who is in need of some extra support. 

  1. As with most new chapters in the lives of our tiny peers, prep makes all the difference.

Breaking down the potential new environments, encounters and experiences allow our peers to feel they are in control and prepared. Using images, movies and books can kickstart the processing and aid in eliminating fear. 

  1. Help your tiny peers write their own narrative. Have meaningful conversations leading up to Halloween in order to gauge how everyone is feeling. You can ask questions like: Do you want to dress up for Halloween? What would feel fun to dress up as? What parts of Halloween sound fun to you? (Trick or treating, carving pumpkins, handing out the candy at the door etc.) When we give our peers space to write their own story they are boosted with confidence helping to channel their genuine excitement. 
  2. Offer the option to opt out. Sometimes we aren’t ready to dive into experiences and that is okay. Forcing our peers to participate can build resentment and reignite fear throughout development. It is important to ensure our tiny peers know there is always a choice and they can choose how much to bite off. 

We hope these tips can work as a guide in supporting your tiny peers, as always let us know what you think! 

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