Navigating the Season of Giving

Navigating the Season of Giving

Navigating the Season of Giving

The holidays can be an exciting, but also challenging, time for our tiny peers. Here at Goose, we have a few tips and tricks to help you over the next few weeks.

1. Focus on Giving

Including your tiny peers in the giving process encourages empathy and generosity. 

  • Think out loud when preparing gifts. Ask your tiny peer for help and use phrases like "I can't wait to give Grandma this necklace. I think she is going to love it." or "Do you remember cousin Sarah's favorite color? Which ornament do you think she would pick?"
  • Encourage your tiny peer to pick a few items they no longer use and wrap them for donation. Instead of just receiving new things, your tiny peer can learn to share the love. 

2. Acknowledge the giver's process

Explaining the thought and effort that goes into gift giving can help our tiny peers express extra gratitude. If you hear "I didn't want this stuffy" or "I was really hoping this was a Lego kit," here are some response examples:

  • "I hear you, but I know your uncle picked that stuffy because he remembered you love starfish."
  • "It sounds like Grandma picked a new activity you two could explore together! Maybe you can show her your Legos when you are finished." 

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