The Power of Getting Dressed. Here are 3 benefits in children dressing themselves.

The Power of Getting Dressed. Here are 3 benefits in children dressing themselves.

With mornings being hectic, slowing down to support our tiny peers in dressing themselves often doesn’t feel like an option. However, some of the biggest learning happens in our smallest moments. Here are 3 benefits of slowing down to provide your child the time to dress them self:



1. Encouraging Independence: By creating space for getting dressed children have an opportunity to participate in their own routine. This encourages independence and support with step by step cognitive process. With children craving expectation and routine, getting dressed is an excellent way to start the day with an activity that is their own. 

2. Boosts both fine & gross motor skills: Getting dressed requires a multitude of both fine and gross motor skill. From balance to hand eye coordination to patience, it is a daily routine naturally stacked with cognitive benefit. Encouraging your child to work on each step of getting dressed prior to asking for help can result in natural practice of these skills. 

3. Increases confidence: Accomplishing the routine of getting dressed is a massive milestone for our tiny peers. Working towards this goal a little every day increases confidence and feelings of capability. With the process of getting dressed being so tangible it is easy to track progress therefore acting as a confidence booster. 

In a world of making breakfast, getting in the bath, running to school, buckling car seats, cleaning up and more, getting dressed can be hard to carve out time for. We hope the next time there are spare moments You and your tiny peer can embrace these types of learning together!

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